30 Day Program

How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


It’s day eight and things are getting serious now. Today we are going to have a visualisation process and you’re are going to the dentist in your mind.

Before we start, to get a better understanding, here’s a visualisation explanation from Mr Tony Robbins


Every day from now, following your ten minute meditation, once you are feeling relaxed, just add the following visualisation. Don't worry if you have any negative thoughts, just let them come, consider them for a second and then let them go, focus on your breathing and return to your positive thoughts

You arrive by car or how you would get to your destination and you walk into the reception area feeling happy and calm, you're at the dentist.
It's peaceful, warm and you're chatting to the dental team, the dentist is very friendly and you feel relaxed, now you're having treatment, it doesn't hurt and you still feel relaxed because there's nothing to be scared about anymore. You understand what's happening and you're looking forward to the results. Feel the warmth, what do you see around you, what do you hear, it's all good, it's all for you, so that you can have a new life without the dental worries and problems.
That's it, your treatment is done, you can get up when you're ready, you feel stable and as you take a deep breath, you get up from the dental chair and say your goodbyes to the team.
How are feeling? You've done it, you've been to the dentist and it's all o.k, how is your life going to change now? What does your smile look like?

For visuals to work, just as Tony said, you have to really believe in it and want it. This technique isn't easy so keep working at it, you'll probably find some days easier than others.

A copy of the diagram that Tony Robbins drew in the video

vision action results belief diagram