Welcome To Your 30 Day Program

How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


We just got a massive milestone achieved, I’m hoping you’ve now got a good understanding of fear and have identified your core anxiety. Again, don’t worry if you feel you’re not quite ready, just carry on with the program.

Here is the first step into overcoming your fear

Today, we are going to look at the basics of Meditation, whether you’ve got some experience with meditating or not, please don’t switch off, please stay with me. Meditation has helped me more than anything else I can think of, it is absolutely powerful in so many ways, by simply learning how to meditate, one can achieve absolutely anything possible. You are going to learn the basics of meditation today and then keep practising this everyday and we will come back and look at how to use this later in the process.

An introduction to meditation

Meditation is to let go of thoughts, we are all consumed by thoughts, even when we sleep we are dreaming. When we learn to let go of our thoughts, we can see clearly what is really important and it gives our mind a true chance to rest, I like to think of it as a reboot, like shutting down and restarting a computer, it will clear out all the mess. After meditation, you will experience deep understanding our your essence of existence, your mind, intellect, ego and emotions. At this stage, we are not going to go too deep into meditation but I hope it’s something you decide to explore further as its benefits are truly incredible. I wouldn’t be writing this now, had it not come to me following meditation.

Here’s a video for a beginners guided meditation

The next stage of your program is that you use this 10 minute meditation video to help you meditate, at least least once a day from today and until the program says otherwise.