30 Day Program

How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


OK, so today, we are going to make one or two changes to your diet as part of the program, from today on-wards, at least until the end of this program, I want you to do the following.

Drink one litre of either filtered or bottled water, please do this everyday and within one hour, also before your mantra, meditation, mantra. Remember to take your homeopathy if you’re feeling anxious at all

Try to cut down your added sugar intake by at least 50%. Added sugar is not required by our body, it won’t do you anything but good to cut down your added sugar intake. Do not worry about any natural sugar from fruit etc and don’t replace sugar with artificial sweeteners like those found in diet sodas such as aspartame

Please make these changes to your diet, I am assuming of course that you don’t already do this. Also, if you’re taking any medication then I must say, consult your Dr before changing your diet.

If you your diet is high in added sugar, you going to experience some effects from sugar reduction, to help you through this, try deep breathing to replace the energy that sugar would normally provide you.

If you really want to push this one to the maximum, I refer you to JJ Virgin who explains why you should actually cut out not two but seven foods. It's a very informative video, have a watch and I'll see you tomorrow on day 20!