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How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


There are lot’s of alternative therapies to consider as an aid to your journey of success, I refer to alternative therapies as opposed to modern Western medicine because, well, in my opinion, you can get some great medication that will make you feel relaxed but that only fixes the situation in the short term, we are getting to the root cause and are dealing with it, head on. Alternate therapy will simply aid this, there is no fast track magic pill, you have to put the work in.

This ancient Chinese treatment is very effective with helping anxiety because it stimulates the nervous system by activating nociceptor, sensory nerves and proprioceptor fibres that travel from the skin to the spine and into the brain.

Here’s and explanatory video about accupunture

If you are able to, book yourself an acupuncture appointment as soon as possible, on this appointment, let them know that you are in the process of overcoming your fear of the dentist and have been advised that acupuncture can help.

I strongly advise you to find a British Acupuncture Council registered practitioner, here is there link