30 Day Program

How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


WOW... What a Journey

Let’s take a recap on where are you are and what you've achieved in these past 29 days, the eve of the beginning of the end of your journey

If you have fully committed to this program then you'll have achieved the following

Understanding Anxiety
You'll have a much better understanding of your phobia, why it exists and why it's a good thing. 

Pinpointed Your Root Fear
You will know exactly what triggers you anxiety and what you really are worrying about

Overcome Your Fears
Probably not, but you will have a better relationship with it, you will be able to turn it off by using deep breathing and meditation techniques, hopefully, you are beginning to live a life in a meditative state. You will have a better belief in yourself, setting affirmations and having faith in them having seen the positive results for yourself.

Alternative Therapies
I am hoping you have aided your journey by exploring alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and Kinesiology.

Alongside all this
, you'll understand why gratitude is so powerful.

Booked Appointments
You should have chosen a practice, visited the practice and spoken with the dental team. You will hopefully feel excited about making your next appointment and ready to share your experience.

Don’t worry, if you don’t feel ready but don’t give up, just simply start the process again, work harder at it, research a few more videos on meditation, listen to more wise words from Alan Watts, go and see an acupuncturist or homeopath, just don’t give up because you can do this!