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How to Overcome Fear Of The Dentist


How well do you sleep? I think most of us struggle to get a really good nights sleep

If you are feeling anxious about upcoming appointments, you might start to stay up at night and this may have an effect on your anxiety

I have something that I hope will really help you

I used to get really stressed about this, if I didn’t get enough sleep, I’d feel out of place and my anxiety would take over. Since meditating, I’ve learned that I can function on little or no sleep and if I’m really struggling I just meditate. Meditation is actually more restful than sleep because our mind actually gets the proper rest it needs and once I understood this, I no longer need to get stressed about sleep, in fact, that doesn’t help anyway so it really actually just helps me sleep better

I want you to try a more powerful meditation, this one is a bit longer and I recommend that you use it at night to aid your sleep

See you tomorrow