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Diet & Anxiety

The Right Diet Will Help Ease Your Anxiety

I know that when my diet is good, I feel better, I have more energy and I can get better quality sleep. As I don’t really suffer from anxiety anymore, it’s not as easy to evaluate but if I consume certain things, I do get what would have been the beginning of a panic attack – for example, if I by chance and I do everything within my means to avoid it but if I happen to have something with Aspartame in it, I will have a bad reaction. My reactions to aspartame are always the same and I know pretty quickly I’ve made a mistake, I feel out of place, nervous and sick.

That’s my initial reaction to something instant, like drinking and having a hangover, it’s an immediate reaction but there’s a lot we can eat or drink that’s having an ongoing detrimental effect on our health and we may not notice because it’s just how we have always felt, at least in our adult lives, most of us can get away with anything when we are young. I started notice in my early  twenties that I actually had an intolerance to wheat, sugars and dairy, not to mention alcohol!

Keeping that in mind, this was a typical day for me; Breakfast; Weetabix, Lunch; Cheese toasties with ketchup, Dinner; Pasta dish, meat and veg, that type of thing, ususally had a decent meal but I’d start that with a few glasses of wine and finish with a sweet desert. Everything about my diet was wrong, I was bloated, sick and tired everyday, changing my diet had a huge improvement on my health.

This is a typical day now
Morning; Sometimes nothing but maybe a banana or smoothie, Lunch; Rye bread with butter and boiled eggs, Dinner; Meat, potato and veg but this does vary a lot. No desserts and I barely drink now, maybe a gin and tonic if it’s a special occasion. It’s 80% organic too, especially meat products, I do have butter but try to avoid milk, it’s a very different process and it’s always unpasteurised wherever possible. I try to stick to a few cups of black coffee and at least one litre of silica rich mineral water.

If I stick to that diet, I don’t get sick, if I do deviate from ( usually Christmas time ) then I’ll begin to feel tired and my long term sickness begins to return. There is no doubt whatsoever that my diet played a part in the years that I suffered with severe anxiety, it isn’t a cause as such but it has a huge impact. If you’re suffering with panic attacks then, get your diet in order. I’ve mads a list of foods that should help you as a long term plan to fight anxiety.

Super Foods to Help You With Anxiety

yummy greens
Healthy green vegetable smoothie with apples,spinach,cucumber,lime

Bananas – I love bananas, they are so versatile and are great in a coconut smoothie. The slow release energy is great for people suffering from anxiety because they burn up a lot of energy!
Nuts – Replace your chocolate and biscuit snacks
Apples but also any fruit ( Not Juice unless as part of a smoothie )
Coconut oils & milk
Cashew or hazelnut Milk to replace standard dairy
Fermented foods
Herbs, Basil is very good
Onion & Garlic are super immune boosters so great for people with anxiety
Valerian Root is amazing
Silica Rich Water – (See my blog on aluminium)

This list could go on and on, I haven’t added meat as articles like this tend to get attacked by vegans, I’m a big believer that vegan diets are great, I have and still do consider it but, when I weigh it up, as long as my meat is sourced from local, organic farms then I’m happy to continue as I feel it does offer benefits, there’s a big debate about that, I get it and I’ve listened to both sides. If I want to get advice on something then I turn to an expert on that subject, if it’s advice about social media marketing then I’ll ask my go to person on that subject ( Veronica Pullen, if you’re interested ) so, if I’m looking for advice on healthy eating my go to person Dr. Axe, I highly recommend you check out the information he puts out.

There’s one more resource I’d point you too which is a fantastic book called: Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks


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